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The Rotterdam Zoo or ‘Diergaarde Blijdorp’ as the Dutch call it, is one of Holland’s biggest attractions. Over one and a half million visitors visit the different continents of Blijdorp, where animals live in their simulated habitats, every year.

Animals of Blijdorp

As you walk through the Rotterdam Zoo, you’ll encounter countless animals. There’s a savanna, a gorilla island, a crocodile river, a bat cave, a tropical park with elephants and an ice cave where you can see polar bears swim. One of the most amazing features of Blijdorp is Oceanium, a 22 meters long tunnel across the bottom of the sea, where you will meet many marine and coastal animals, such as sharks, turtles, sea otters, puffins and king penguins.

For Young and Old

Blijdorp is a magnificent zoo that presents the animal kingdom in its natural habitat to young and old. The Rotterdam Zoo has various restaurants and kiosks. There’s also a Children Jungle where kids can swing, climb and slide just like monkeys do.

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