Schiermonnikoog National Park


Schiermonnikoog is one of the five Wadden Islands. Due to the influence of the tides and its location between the Wadden Sea and the North Sea, the island has a climate that is different from that of the mainland. The island is characterized by diverse landscapes including beaches, dunes, forests, tidal marshes, polders, lakes and tidal flats.  Furthermore, many different types of animals and plants reside there partly due to the island's special climate.

Flora and fauna of Schiermonnikoog

Schiermonnikoog is known for its unique bird life. On the Westerplas, you can find various birds including the bluethroat, cormorant, common snipe, osprey, Eurasian spoonbill, little egret, hen harrier and the Western marsh harrier the whole year through. You should also visit the duck decoy of Schiermonnikoog. Previously ducks were captured here, but today it is a cultural monument.

The rich flora are another reason why Schiermonnikoog has been designated as a National Park. Grasses, algae, herbs, mosses, flowers, plants, trees and mushrooms are growing on the island. Guides will gladly lead you to all the wonderful things Schiermonnikoog has to offer. If you get the chance, be sure to hike the tidal flats. A walk on the seabed will be a special and lasting memory.

Boat trip to Schiermonnikoog

Schiermonnikoog is one of the most beautiful places of the Netherlands. On an annual basis, the island attracts thousands of nature lovers who enjoy the tranquility and luxury of the island. Cross the mainland to Schiermonnikoog National Park. A boat will take you to this small paradise in 45 minutes.

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