The narrowest house in Amsterdam


The ring of canals in Amsterdam is dotted with several unusually narrow houses. One of the most famous is the building at Singel 7, which is often labelled as the narrowest house in the world. With a width of only one meter (about 3 ft., 3 in.), the house is barely wider than its own front door. In all fairness, it should be said that this is actually the rear façade of a house; the front is a bit wider. A better title for the house at Singel 7 would be the house with the narrowest façade in the world.

The Kleine Trippenhuis

At Kloveniersburgwal 26 stands a house with a beautiful cornice gable, 2.44 meters (about 8 ft.) wide. This house is known as the “Kleine Trippenhuis,” or “the House of the Mr. Trip’s Coachman”.  Oddly enough, this house is right across the street from the Trippenhuis at number 29, a building that, with its width of 22 meters (72 ft. 2 in.), is the widest house in Amsterdam. It was built in 1660 by the very wealthy brothers Lodewijk and Hendrick Trip. As the story goes, one day Mr. Trip’s coachman proclaimed, “Goodness, I would even be happy with a house that is as wide as my master’s front door.” Mr. Trip heard this and made sure that the coachman got his wish.

Narrowest house and the narrowest street

For even more “narrow” experiences, visit the narrowest house in Europe, located at Oude Hoogstraat 22. This tiny house features a typical Amsterdam bell-gable. The façade is a mere 2.02 meters (6 ft., 7.5 in.) wide, and the house itself is six meters (19 ft., 8 in.) deep.

Measuring only 100 centimeters in width (about 3 ft., 3 in.), the Trompettersteeg is the narrowest street in Amsterdam. The street is located in the Wallen districts, and prostitutes pose behind their windows on both sides of the street. Tour guides love to take tourists down this street, thus making it one of the most crowded streets in Amsterdam.

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