Themepark and Resort Slagharen


What started as a small holiday resort in 1961 has become one of the largest theme parks in Holland. The park has numerous attractions, shows and parades for young and old, a pool and a pony park. They’ve even got holiday homes to accommodate you and your family.

Attractions of Slagharen

Slagharen’s first attraction was a pony park. The park later extended to include a Ferris wheel, carousel, pool, beach, whitewater course and two joy rides. The Western Village Stunt Show presents an exciting performance by cowboys and Indians. More entertainment is shown in the Circus Theater. Besides that, you are also welcome to swing along with the daily parade.

Unique Holiday Homes

Consider staying at Themepark and Resort Slagharen for a longer period of time. You can spend the night in one of the holiday homes or in an Indian wigwam. The attractions have different levels of intensity, which means Slagharen is ideal for every family.

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