Uiterwaarden Rijn en Lek


The Rijn and Lek Uiterwaarden nature area is centrally located in the Netherlands between Utrecht, Wageningen and Culemborg. The rivers Rhine and Lek have created a beautiful landscape here. The silt of the rivers that is deposited along the banks has caused the landscape to rise naturally. At the same time the waters that are meandering through the landscape have caused floods in the past and these floods have left narrow river channels and riparian strips in the landscape.

Clay Mining

Not only have the rivers have affected the landscape, also man has played a role by winning clay that was meant for brick factories. The locations of intense earth removal - clay pits - have today turned into ponds which house all kinds of birds. You can admire these birds from different vantage points. However, between October and April the floodplains are closed so that the birds can spend the winter months in peace.

Other landscapes of the Rhine and Lek Uiterwaarden are flowery meadows, pastures, swamps and hay fields with species such as the cross-thistle, morning star and stripe yellow seeds.

Walking in the floodplains

The most famous areas of the Rhine and Lek Uiterwaarden are the Amerongse Bovenpolder and the Steenwaard. There are walks of several kilometers from Culemborg and Amerongen and you can inquire at the local tourist office about excursions. These areas are, just as the rest of the landscape, only open between April 1st and October 1st. Some areas are closed to the public all year round.

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