Michael Benschop


Name: Michael Benschop
City: Schiermonnikoog
My tip: Watching the seals at sunset
© Michael Benschop

“I think nature remains so special to me because I’m such a city person”

Seek out space and serenity on Schiermonnikoog

Despite growing up in the Randstad, surrounded by a hectic buzz, I love seeking out the more serene parts of Holland from time to time. The great thing about Holland is that it is not really big. So you can get from the bustling city to the peaceful nature in just one hour.

Schiermonnikoog is one of my favourite peaceful places. It is a beautiful island with plenty of spacious natural areas where you can enjoy the ultimate peace and quiet. Go for a lovely bike ride, get some fresh air at the beach, or (another one of my hobbies) take some beautiful pictures.

My Tips:

At the end of a spring day, drive to the island’s north coast to watch the sunset. If you are lucky you will see some seals resting on the sandbanks. I prefer a Bed & Breakfast to spend the night. These are the best places to experience the island and feel like a local.

Michael is our technician, i.e. the ‘functional manager’ who manages the online platform and translates great ideas to digital applications.

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