Stephanie Lermen Mendonça


Name: Stephanie Lermen Mendonça
City: Weesp
My tip: A cycle ride in and around Weesp, ending with a delicious ice cream.

Weesp is surrounded by beautiful scenery and many villages where you will find castles, windmills, good food and a lot more.

Art and culture

Ever since I moved to Weesp (only 15 minutes from Amsterdam by train), I have enjoyed making new discoveries every day. There are so many great things to do that are within my reach. There are art exhibitions almost every weekend and there are various works of art scattered around the city centre. Local artists really enjoy making their art accessible to everyone.

In the street market you can find everything, from delicious fresh fruits and freshly made croissants to clothes and paintings. Weesp often hosts sporting events and is usually on the route of ships and sailboats that are cruising through North Holland.

My tips in Weesp

I would say: rent a bicycle and split your visit into two parts. Start in the centre of Weesp, eat an ice cream (some of the best ice cream in Holland), visit “Fort aan de Ossenmarkt” and then explore the village a little more. Discover some of our windmills, relax a little and enjoy the marvellous view from the “De Vecht” river. Later you could follow the bicycle trails that will take you to Muiden, a lovely village that has historically important castles, or you could continue to Nederhorst Den Berg and from there to Vreeland, which are two villages that are a bit more rural and have cheese factories, lakes and small farms with animals to entertain the children.

Stephanie is an Ambassador from Holland and manages our Brazilian community. She enjoys the daily challenges of inspiring our Brazilian fans with the best content about Holland.