Princess Beatrix


Our former Queen, now Princess Beatrix, is an important member of the Royal Family: the House of Orange-Nassau. She acceded to the throne on 30 April 1980 and was succeeded by her son Willem-Alexander on 30 April 2013. Her spouse, Prince Claus, passed away in 2002. Princess Beatrix has three sons, the eldest of which is now our current King Willem-Alexander. The younger sons are Prince Friso and Prince Constantijn.

Early Life of Princess Beatrix

Princess Beatrix was born on January 31, 1938, the first child of Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard. Her sisters Princess Irene, Princess Margriet, and Princess Christina were born in 1939, 1943, and 1947, respectively. When Princess Beatrix was two years old, the family fled to the United Kingdom during the war. Shortly after, Princess Juliana took Beatrix and Irene to Canada, where Margriet was born. The family returned to Dutch soil in August 1945. Princess Beatrix attended Leiden University and earned a law degree in 1961.