Soestdijk Palace


The foundation of Soestdijk Palace dates back to the seventeenth century and it was inhabited by members of the Royal Family until 2006. Ever since, the palace has been open to the public and offers  tours that allow you to learn more about this majestic building.

Inhabitants of Soestdijk

Throughout the centuries, many members of the Royal Family have lived in the palace; from King Willem II and his wife Anna Paulowna in 1815 to Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard in 2004. During the French and German occupations, in 1795 and 1940 respectively, the palace was inhabited by army officers.

Tour at the Palace

Enjoy the historical ambiance at Soestdijk Palace and its green surroundings. You can only discover the palace with a guided tour. These tours are held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and reservations have to be made well in advance.

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