Castles & Country Houses

There are more than 750 castles & country houses in Holland. Most of the castles in Holland, some of which may be called a slot (manor house) or a burcht (fortress), were built during the Middle Ages as defensive structures. Over the years, the purpose of these castles changed, and many become more of a country estate or palace, where the privileged citizens would spend the summer months to relax. These days, many castles are a local attraction where visitors come to admire the architecture, art collections and gardens. The castles of Holland offer something for everyone, reason enough to visit a castle.

  • Muiderslot

    Travel back in the medieval times and explore the intriguing rooms and historical treasures of Muiderslot castle

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  • Doorwerth Castle

    Bike or take a hike through the natural areas surrounding Castle Doorwerth, and try to wrap your arms around the 7-meter (almost 23 ft.!) circumference of the oldest tree in Holland.

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  • Palace Het Loo

    A majestic palace with fantastic gardens.

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  • Kasteel de Haar

    Be enchanted by the largest castle of Holland.

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  • Amerongen Castle

    Meet the former residents of Castle Amerongen thanks to a modern multimedia production, and stroll around the beautiful castle gardens, with a total area of 10 hectares (almost 25 acres).

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  • Castle Het Nijenhuis

    Art is the theme at the Castle Het Nijenhuis. You can visit the castle’s international art collection and sculpture garden all year round.

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