5 Bike-Friendly Dutch treats


5 Bike-Friendly Dutch treats

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If you want to experience Holland as the Dutch do, then you’ll be touring Holland’s charming cities and towns by bike, which means you might need some fuel, e.g. food on the go. Luckily, snack stands line the streets and parks, brimming with lekker Dutch delicacies that are easy to eat.

1. Kroketten

Ideal for on-the-go eating, a croquette is a deep-fried piece of deliciousness filled with meat. It’s one of the top-selling snacks in Holland and you will always find kroketten at any Dutch “borrel,” or happy hour. In fact, the Dutch government even has legislation called “Krokettenmotie” (Croquette Motion), which stipulates that, when Dutch council meetings run later than 11:00pm, attending council members are each entitled to one kroket.

2. Herring

The Dutch have been eating raw herring for over 600 years, which has given them plenty of time to perfect the process. First, you hold the fish by its tail, then you dip it in onions, then you throw your head back and lower the herring into your mouth. And lastly, of course, you enjoy!

3. Patatje met

Forget “French” fries. Dutch fries come with two unique accompaniments – a small fork and the country’s favorite condiment: Dutch mayonnaise. But if you are adventurous, try out various sauces, ranging from peanut sauce to curry ketchup.

4. Poffertjes

These little Dutch pancakes have a lighter, spongier texture than their conventional counterparts. In the fall and winter, food stands prepare them freshly in a special poffertjes pan and serve them with butter and powdered sugar.

5. Rookworst

If you’ve had your fill of Dutch sweets and are ready for something savory, then look no further than Rookworst. In Dutch, “rook” means smoked and “worst” means sausage, which is a bit confusing since these sausages are neither smoked nor the worst… they’re the best!


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Did you know?

Holland restaurants have been awarded with over one hundred Michelin stars, making it one of the top five countries in European cuisine.

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Have you ever tried raw herring, apple pie with cinnamon or sauerkraut?