Dutch recipes

If you feel like having a hearty winter meal, a special regional dish or a tasty snack from Holland but have no time to travel to Holland, don’t panic. These recipes will help you bring Dutch cuisine into your own home. Read all about the ingredients, preparation and background of these Dutch dishes. Prepare dishes like ‘bitterballen’ (ragout balls), ‘stamppot’ (mashed potatoes with vegetables) and ‘suikerbrood’ (sugared bread) and travel to Holland with every bite. Above all, enjoy!

  • Appelflappen


    The apple is one of the most versatile and used fruits in the Dutch kitchen.

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  • Kruidnoten


    If you’re fortunate enough to spend time in The Netherlands during the month of December, you are in for a wonderful treat.

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  • Zeeuws Mosselpannetje

    Zeeuws Mosselpannetje

    With a large part of the country bordering de zee, the sea, one can be assured to find a large availability of fish and seafood in The Netherlands.

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  • Hopjesvla


    Vla is a dairy dessert that is so engrained in the Dutch kitchen, that you will find at least one or two packages of vla in every refrigerator

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  • Dutch asparagus

    Dutch asparagus

    Asparagus has rightfully earned itself nicknames like ‘white gold’ and ‘queen among vegetables’.

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  • Kersenvlaai


    Vlaaien are a typical pie from the south of Holland, more accurately from the province of Limburg.

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