Emmen Zoo


The Dierenpark Emmen (Zoo Emmen) is a zoo arranged according to the continents of the earth. Every ‘continent’ in the zoo, from Asia to Europe, represents the plants and animal species of that area. The main goal of the zoo is to educate young and old about the coherence between flora and fauna. 

Animals in the Zoo

Dierenpark Emmen (formerly known as Noorder Dierenpark) opened its doors in 1935. Ever since, the zoo has extended with ‘continents', such as the African Savanna, AmeriCasa and Playa Pingüinos. The zoo is home to all sorts of animals, ranging from butterflies to elephants. Visitors are  told all about the importance of nature and sustainability. 

Yucatán Playground

Yucatán is the kind of playground that every child dreams of. Children can play, run, glide, climb and even sail between tree houses, pyramids and ship wrecks. Meanwhile, their parents can have a drink on the nearby restaurant’s grand terrace. In short, Zoo Emmen is a great day out for the whole family!

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