De Veluwezoom


The Veluwezoom is the oldest national park of the Netherlands. This landscape of hills, forests, heath and aeolian sand has been a protected area since 1931. You can freely walk on the roads and paths and there are plenty of opportunities for horseback riding, cycling and mountain biking. Don't be surprised when you come face to face with a deer or a wild pig in the Veluwezoom.

The view from the Posbank

If you visit the Veluwezoom you should also climb the Posbank. The Posbank is a 90 meters high hill that offers a great view over the surrounding nature. On a clear day, you can look as far as 20 kilometers in the distance.

On the south side of the Veluwe, you will find splendid estates with stately mansions and monumental farms. The estates of Beekhuizen, Heuven and Rhederoord are historic mansions associated with parks.

Red deer rut

The visitor center in Rheden is open from Tuesday through Sunday to provide you with directions and information about fun activities in the National Park. There are two wildlife observation posts in National Park De Veluwezoom that are especially popular in the fall during the mating season of deer. If you get the chance, you should once see this spectacle.

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