That deserves a sculpture

When strolling through the city centre of Den Bosch, you may run into some lovely sculptures, some very old, some very famous, and some very hidden. Such as the statue of Dieske, a little boy who always peed in the Binnendieze on the sly. One day while engaged in this edifying activity, he discovered the intruders who were approaching the city, becoming an instant hero. His statue is hidden on the Herman Moerkerkplein square. Or the bronze statue of Jheronimus Bosch (Jeroen Bosch), the famous painter, which stands across from the 'De kleine winst' shop established in the house where he grew up. So you pay close attention when strolling through town: there is a lot to see, often with great stories. We have sought out a few more tips for you.

Jheronimus Bosch statue. Markt, 's Hertogenbosch

The calling angel. This is one of the many flying buttress statues at St. Jan’s Cathedral. You can actually call this angel. Read more about it on the information panel.

Zoete Lieve Gerritje. Statue of a singing woman with a cockerel on the corner of Lepelstraat and Korenbrugstraat. Gerritje was not actually a woman and definitely not nice; he was always stealing from the farmers. He acted as a farmer’s daughter to celebrate his misdemeanors, so the statue represents Gerritje in a woman’s dress.

De erwtenman. The pea man, statue in the facade of St. Jan’s Cathedral. See the statue and discover its history.

De Draak. The dragon, fountain and work of art created for the Queen’s Commissioner P.J. Van Drakestein. Location: the junction of Stationsweg and Koninginnenlaan.

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