Nijmegen was crowned the oldest town in Holland. You can still sense the hustle and bustle of bygone days, but also enjoy its modern side with a futuristic quayside and a fine selection of grand cafés and restaurants. Overlooking a river, amidst hills and woodlands, the view in Nijmegen is stunning.

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Visit Nijmegen and project your mind into the past of the oldest town in the Netherlands. Go for a walk around Valkhof, where the Romans would gaze into the distance, across the Waal and the land of the Batavians. History is not forgotten in this town, but honoured in magnificent historic buildings, parks and museums. Rijk van Nijmegen offers the best this country has to offer in the field of scenic beauty, with the river landscape contained by Maas and Waal on the one hand, and the fascinating hills on the other. 

A great shopping experience

Nijmegen is a shopping town offering a wide range of shops. The quintessential Nijmegen streets with their unique and special shops are the most appealing. Walk down the Lange Hezelstraat, the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands. After your shopping spree you can have a drink in one of the many outdoor cafés or have something to eat in a cosy restaurant. Did you know that Nijmegen has the highest density of outdoor cafés in the Netherlands? You can also place a small bet at Holland Casino Nijmegen.

Four-Day Marches with festivities

Nijmegen and region are known as the ideal area for walkers, cyclists and runners alike, with its annual highlight the Four-Day Marches, the world’s largest walking event, attracting walkers from all over the world. Every year the concurrent Vierdaagsefeesten Nijmegen draw more than a million visitors, all enjoying the many concerts on dozens of stages across town.

Attractions in Nijmegen

A visit to Nijmegen can easily be combined with one of the many attractions. Museum Het Valkhof displays the finest of the Roman Netherlands, a colourful collection of modern art and a magnificent collection of ancient art. Sanadome has fantastic Roman baths facilities, where you can relax and downshift. Experience freedom at the Nationaal Bevrijdingsmuseum 1944-1945 or walk through the African villages at the Afrika Museum. At Museumpark Orientalis you will travel around the world of the three Holy Books. Feel, taste, smell and hear everyday life through the eyes of the visually impaired at the MuZIEum. You will also discover a great deal about the history of blindness.

Spend the night in Nijmegen

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