Rotterdam Cube Houses


Cube Houses of Rotterdam

The cubic houses are one of Rotterdam’s icons. Visit the cube-shaped houses and notice how they don’t fit the usual conventions of a house.

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One of the icons of Rotterdam are the cubic houses. 40 conventional houses were tilted 45 degrees to become the first cube-shaped houses in Holland. The cubes are prominently located in the center of Rotterdam.

Representation of trees  and a wood

Piet Blom designed the cube houses in 1984. His design represents a tree and all houses together make up a wood. Blom’s concept was to design a kind of village within a main city, a safe haven in which anything could happen.

Cube House Interior

Experience living in one of Rotterdam’s cube houses. Most of the houses are occupied; however, one cube is always open to visitors. You’ll notice how the cubic house plays with you, because it doesn’t fit the usual conventions of a house.

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