Amsterdam Ice Sculpture Festival



Amsterdam Ice Sculpture Festival

Visit the Amsterdam Ice Sculpture Festival. The greatest sculptures made from ice are displayed in a 1,500 square meter ice hall. Did you know that as many as 275,000 kilograms of ice is used to realize these works of art?

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In winter, Amsterdam’s city center boasts the most beautiful snow and ice sculptures. The world’s best ice sculptors create a spectacular exhibition near the Arena Boulevard, close to the Bijlmer Arena railway station.

  • The ice sculpture festival has become Holland’s biggest winter event.
  • As much as 275,000 kilograms of ice are used to realize the unique works of art.
  • Visit the spectacular exhibition of the world’s best ice sculptors.

With over 100,000 visitors, the Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival has become Holland’s biggest winter event. More than 40 of the world’s best ice sculptors come to Holland and put together a spectacular exhibition using special effects. As much as 275,000 kilograms of ice are used to create these unique works of art and exhibit them at the festival. You can admire the extraordinary ice sculptures yourself in a 1,500 square meter ice hall near Arena Boulevard.

A special annual theme

The Ice Sculpture Festival has a theme that changes every year. The artists set to work with chainsaws, chisels and torches and realize their interpretation of the theme. The ice sculptures are places in a separate tent, where you can admire them. 

Theme for 2016-2017: ‘Music Inspires’.

The theme for the 2016-2017 Ice Sculpture Festival is: ‘Music Inspires’. Music inspires, always and everywhere, from gypsy music to hiphop and from classical to disco. The Ice Sculpture Festival exhibits the greatest works of art based on different music genres. You will encounter heroes like David Bowie, Prince, Amy Winehouse, whom we recently lost. You will also see John Travolta demonstrate his dance steps on the illuminated floor.

The Ice Sculpture Festival used to be held in the city of Zwolle. This year the event is moving to Amsterdam, the capital.

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