Events in June

Calling all fish fans! This is the month to enjoy the New Dutch herring.

  • Bosch Grand Tour

    Bosch Grand Tour

    19 Dec - 29 Jan

    Den Bosch

    More than a year of Hieronymus Bosch as an inspiration for young and old!

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    3 Jun - 5 Jun

    The biggest open-air festival in Holland.

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  • Day of the Castle

    Day of the Castle

    5 Jun

    On the Day of the Castle the castles of the Netherlands open their doors for you.Come by and feel like a knight or a noble woman for one day.

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  • Tong Tong Fair

    Tong Tong Fair

    25 May - 5 Jun

    The Hague

    The Tong Tong Fair in The Hague is the world’s biggest Eurasian festival.

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  • Limburgs Mooiste

    Limburgs Mooiste

    9 Jun - 10 Jun

    The Limburgs Mooiste began as a touring version of the Amstel Gold Race and expanded into pro and family tours.

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  • Tenting Days

    Tenting Days

    8 Jun - 12 Jun

    You can enjoy interesting, wild and affordable camping in the Netherlands during the Tenting Days.

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