Holland by bike


People sometimes say that the Dutch are born on their bikes! Fact is, Holland is a perfect country for cycling, and counts more bicycles than people. More than 20,000 kilometers of cycle paths are waiting for you throughout the country, and in the rare spots  where there are no cycle paths, motorists  are very aware of cyclists.

The Dutch like a variety of bikes, ranging from regular men’s and women’s bikes to carrier bikes and reclining bikes. The fact that the land is so flat, the mild climate, the short distances and the wonderful infrastructure make biking in Holland not just practical, but great fun as well. So if you want to see more of Holland, one of the best ways to do it is by bike.

Bike Rental

Be a part of the Dutch cycling culture and rent a bike. Bikes can be rented in the centers of the various big cities, from train stations and from some hotels and other types of accommodation.

Cycling Routes

Some one hundred scenic cycling routes take you past Holland’s lovely places of interest. These cycling itineraries are available from bike rental companies and from the local tourist information office (VVV).

The ANWB (Dutch Automobile Association) has placed easily recognizable road signs (white with red letters) along the cycling paths. These show the distance to be cycled to nearby towns. This allows you to get from A to B via the most direct route without getting lost.

You can ‘park’ your bike in guarded bike sheds at a small charge, or free of charge in the bike racks you will find just about everywhere. Do make sure you lock your bike.