5 Reasons to bike in Holland


5 Reasons to bike in Holland

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If you’ve asked around or searched the web about what to do when you visit Holland, you’ve probably stumbled upon the No. 1 recommendation to all incoming tourists repeated over and over again: Rent a bicycle. Rest assured, this is no coincidence; here are five reasons why biking reflects the heart and soul of Holland:

1. Biking is the best way to appreciate Holland’s beauty

Imagine touring through Holland at your own pace, with the wind rushing through your hair. Whether you are hopping the Wadden Islands and exploring its historic villages or taking in the beautiful vistas of the world’s largest windmills at Kinderdijk, there are endless ways to tour Holland’s unique landscape that can only be truly appreciated via bicycle.

2. Biking embodies healthy living

You know what bikes burn? Calories. Those wheels run on pure muscle power, helping to keep the Dutch famously fit. Forgive yourself of any overindulgence in Dutch snacks you encounter during your stay by getting a taste of one of Holland’s favorite pastimes.

3. Bikes have the right of way in Holland

The infrastructure of Holland centers on biking. Holland has 35,000 kilometers (over 21,000 miles) of bike paths. That’s close to the circumference of the Earth (40,000 km)! Not only are there endless miles of bike paths to get anywhere and everywhere, these cycle-ways are complete with their own system of traffic signals. What’s more, parking for bicycles is provided next to every shop.

4. The Dutch are progressive

The Dutch like to move forward – literally, of course (that’s what the bikes are for!), but also culturally. Bikes save money since local gas is over $9 USD a gallon, and they help the environment since they neither burn fossil fuels nor emit greenhouse gases. 

5. It’s cool

Let’s face it - riding a bike is cool. Most everyone in Holland rides a bike, and that’s because Holland is incredibly cool. Follow Pim’s lead and rent a bicycle on your next visit to Holland too.


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Did you know?

Holland offers a variety of different organized bike holidays to see the region’s beauty in a fun and unique way.

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