The one word you need to know


The one word you need to know

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Since everyone in Holland speaks English, you don’t need to be able to speak Dutch… but it is cool when you do. And no word is cooler or more prevalent than “lekker.” In a country known for having the best diet in the world, it’s only appropriate that the most popular word means “tasty.” Or, at least, that is the traditional definition. But lekker has come to mean so much more, depending on its context:

If food is lekker, it’s delicious.

Lekker can be used to describe something as nice and pleasant – like lekker weather or a lekkere dream.

If you are feeling not lekker, you are feeling nauseous.

Lekker can also be used to mean “very;” for instance, when someone is lekker busy or something is lekker important.

If I tell you to sleep lekker, I’m telling you to sleep well.

If you say someone is lekker, you are indeed calling him or her “tasty”… but not in any food-related way.


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Did you know?

Every New Year thousands of people take part in the New Year’s Dive jumping into the icy seawater of the North Sea.

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