Celebrate Carnival in Holland


07 February 2016 - 09 February 2016

In Holland, carnival is a holiday mainly celebrated in the south of the country. The provinces Limburg and Noord-Brabant are the predominantly Catholic provinces of the Netherlands, where most inhabitants celebrate Carnival. Though some people take the Carnival traditions very seriously, most people keep it simple and just drink, sing and dance wearing a colorful outfit.

Dutch Carnival Traditions

The Carnival celebrations start after the mayor symbolically hands over the key to the city to Prince Carnival. For three days, the Carnival Prince has control of the city and, together with his subjects, celebrates the temporary establishment of their Kingdom of Fools. Merrymakers make their way from pub to pub and greet Prince Carnival with three cheers of “Alaaf”.

Carnival Celebrations

If you can drink, sing and dance wearing a colorful outfit you’re more than welcome to celebrate Carnival in Holland! Make sure you wear a crazy Carnival costume and you’ll blend in perfectly.