Maastricht cruise


The Meuse River and Maastricht are inextricably linked to one another. A cruise down the Meuse is one of the most popular ways to spend the day in Maastricht. For years now, Rederij Stiphout has been providing a variety of cruises. So hop on board and enjoy a cruise down the Meuse. Within an hour, you can sail past the city, the Bonnefanten Museum, the Gouvernement and the St. Pietersberg. Just before reaching the Belgian border, the boat turns around and heads back towards Maastricht.

Maastricht cruise packages

Rederij Stiphout offers various packages to make your cruise down the Meuse as complete as possible. A cruise down the Meuse goes great with tantalizing your taste buds. Profit from a selection of packages - combine a cruise with a visit to a brewery, winery or bakery, or take a brunch or pancake cruise.

You can also combine a cruise with a cultural activity, such as a city walking tour or a visit to the caves of Maastricht. Perhaps you’d rather remain on board? If so, the “4-Sluizentocht (4-locks boat trip)” is perfect for you. Enjoy lunch as you sail past different historic and natural highlights in the Limburg landscape.

Day trip by boat

Should you have time to take a full day trip, the cruises to the Dutch town of Eijsden and the Belgian cities of Visé and Liège are definitely worth it. The boat leaves Maastricht around 12:00 p.m., and will take you to one of the aforementioned places, where after you debark, you can either take a guided tour or explore the city on your own. On board, you will be treated to a cup of coffee and slice of Limburg vlaai (pie).

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