Natural History Museum Maastricht


The Natural History Museum Maastricht depicts the natural history of South Limburg. Modern displays offer an insight into both the recent and distant past. The museum holds more than 550,000 natural objects. The collection comprises more than 11,000 species.

The Collection

Among the museum's highlights are the remains of enormous Mosasaurs and Giant Turtles found in the marlstone of Mount St. Pieter. Fossils of all shapes and sizes show how the area of southern Limburg has changed in the course of the last 300 million years.

The natural features of the modern-day landscape are explained using startling visual projections, computers and aquariums. The collection is divided into three main themes: looking back in time (geology), playing in the present (biology) and from past to present (dynamics).

Landscape of Limburg

You can’t get a better impression of the present-day natural landscape of southern Limburg than at the Natural History Museum Maastricht. The collection of rough and cut gemstones, the 'Cabinet' (a period room from the beginning of the 20th century), the museum cafe and botanical garden displaying local plant varieties also add to the museum's compelling appeal.

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