Bicycle itinerary The Hague – Katwijk


This is a wonderful cycle itinerary that takes you from The Hague to Katwijk, riding through the beautiful Meijendel nature reserve. On this bicycle route, which is about 35 km long in all (from The Hague to Katwijk and back), you will see the most wonderfully varied dune landscapes and, if you are lucky, many bird species. Meijendel is one of the top ten nature reserves in Holland in terms of bird species.

Unique dunefields

The itinerary leads through the young Meijendel dunes, which embrace several dune regions. Closest to the coast you will find the ‘outer dunes’, with parabolic dunes and damp dune valleys. The ‘central dunes’ are characterised by swampy areas, forest and reed marshes, and markedly higher shrubs and trees are found in the ‘innermost dunes’. The high flora diversity in the dune fields attracts a huge number of animal species.

Pancakes and fish

The Meijendel is incredibly beautiful. It is so inspiring that Vincent van Gogh moved here in early 1882 to enjoy and paint its beautiful natural landscapes. When you arrive in Katwijk, enjoy the lovely coast while eating a fish luncheon. If you get hungry along the way, we recommend ‘pannenkoekenhuis Meijendel’. It is a great place to rest and enjoy one of the many different varieties of pancake on offer.

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