For centuries, Schokland was a densely populated island in the Zuiderzee. When parts of the ‘Zuiderzee’ (Southern Sea) were reclaimed, Schokland lost its culture and became an island in a polder. The former island of Schokland was the first Dutch monument on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The History of a Former Island

Driving to Schokland, you’ll notice how the island stands proudly amidst the polder landscape as a symbol of the battle against the sea. A museum and tour explain the history of the island, the ‘Zuiderzee’ and the story of land reclamation.

The first Dutch UNESCO Site

Visit the remnants of the lighthouse, the former harbor on the northern point, the church ruins in the south and the Schokland Museum. The cultural history of the island and its people symbolizes the unrivalled struggle the people of Holland have waged against water.

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