A new flower show every week at Keukenhof


March 1, 2012

A new flower show every week in the specially designed Oranje Nassau Pavilion, one of the leading attractions at Keukenhof in Lisse. Each show features different plant groups, always of the highest quality, displayed in a unique wealth of variety and colour. Keukenhof’s theme for 2012, ‘Poland - Heart of Europe’, will be inspiring flower arrangers to produce creative masterpieces, and thanks to the interactive demonstrations visitors will be able to enjoy the floral splendour even more.
Starting with the Tulip Theatre, which will open the series of indoor flower shows on 22 March, to Scintillating Summer Flowers eight weeks later, the Oranje Nassau Pavilion offers a floral experience every day. This flower pavilion is located at the heart of the thirty-two hectare springtime garden, the place to see spring burst into flower. The shows in the other flower pavilions, the Beatrix Pavilion and the Prince Willem Alexander Pavilion, have a more permanent character.
Variety as the guiding principle
Participating horticulturalists, flower arrangers and Keukenhof's landscape architects have once again organised an attractive and diverse exhibition calendar for 2012. The eight shows have also been given new names, so that the main flower of the weekly theme is explicitly mentioned. These include, in addition to Tulip Theatre and Scintillating Summer Flowers, the Freesia Festival, Romantic Roses, Gerbera Gala, Darling Daffodils, All about Alstroemeria and Flower Power.
The exhibition calendar has been compiled with great care, so that nurseries are able to display only the very best quality. Because they also compete for the best-in-show awards in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion. This makes Keukenhof such a special combination of a professional show and an international public event, with visitors from around the world.
Inspirational theme
Head arranger Heleen Valstar has uniquely incorporated the 2012 theme, ‘Poland - Heart of Europe’, in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion: ‘Romance of Chopin’. Music by this world famous composer and piano virtuoso can be heard in the background throughout the pavilion. The central décor created by Valstar was inspired by the ancient Bialowieski Park. Many people are still unfamiliar with this extensive 10,000 hectare park, but it is the pride of Poland and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “It contains twenty-two different tree species, and some of the oaks are more than five-hundred years old and forty-three metres high. A fantastic basis for a very distinct central décor, enhancing the attraction of the flower shows even more,” Valstar promises. The Oranje Nassau Pavilion is also home to fifteen fantasy trees, including the bird-box tree, the knitted tree, the money tree and the cuddly tree.
Interactive design
In the Oranje Nassau Pavillion, special jury members and flower specialists assess the quality of the flowers submitted by the nurseries. It is a prestigious competition and every season anew the challenge is to win the highest possible place. This year, during the eight different shows, visitors will also able to indicate their own preferences for flowers via monitors.
Flower arrangement demonstrations will be held daily (except on Wednesdays) by leading arrangers and international masters of floral design. Central to the demonstrations is the theme-flower of the specific show, and the combinations with other flowers and decorative greenery are certain to inspire the visitor. The demonstrations are not presented on a podium, but in “mood rooms”. “This encourages interaction,” explains Annemarie Gerards of Keukenhof on another renewed aspect of the indoor shows in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion.   
The complete calendar of the Oranje Nassau Pavilion at Keukenhof 2012 is:

22 March until 27 March         Tulip Theatre
29 March until 3 April              Freesia
5 April until 10 April                 Roses
12 April until 17 April               Gerbera Gala
19 April until 24 April               Darling Daffodils (including special bulb species)
26 April until 1 May                 Alstroemeria
3 May until 8 May                    Flower Power (Aster, Carnation, Chrysanthemum)
10 May until 20 May                Scintillating Summer Flowers (Iris, Calla Lily, Bouvardia, Lisianthus, Sweet Peas, Cut Hydrangea, Peonies)