World War II permanent exhibition at The Hague Historical Museum from 4 May 2014


May 16, 2014

The Hague Historical Museum has opened a special exhibition hall dedicated to World War II. World War II left an indelible mark on the skyline of The Hague. Traces are still visible, such as the Atlantikwall and bunkers in the dunes. The Hague was home to the second largest Jewish community in Holland after Amsterdam. During this period, 11,000 Jews were deported from The Hague to concentration camps. These shocking events now have a permanent place in The Hague Historical Museum.  The World War II hall focuses on several aspects of wartime in The Hague, including daily life, the Atlantikwall, the bombardment and the persecution of the Jews. Impressive personal items are also on display, such as a necklace and two vases plucked from the ashes after the bombing of the Bezuidenhout.

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