Renting canoes in Utrecht


Utrecht is located in the central area of the Netherlands. It has a long history and is the fourth largest city in the country. It is a university town known for its population of students and booming nightlife.  In particular, the Oudegracht Canal is unusual in Holland because of the many windows in building below the water. These lower levels were once used for storage and as loading docks. Now they feature fine restaurants and pubs. The canals are covered in wharf and docks. Because of the focus on canals in Utrecht, renting a canoe can be one of the best ways to explore.

Getting a hold of a canoe

While in your canoe, you will want to paddle slightly away from the city to Rhijnauwen. This fort is the largest on the New Dutch Water defense line, and is a local nature reserve. You can visit it on a guided tour, or rent a canoe near the edge of the city and paddle up the placid Kromme Rijn and around the grounds. The river is about seventeen miles long and the slope is relatively mild, so the current will let you paddle back the way you came with little worry.

Tour Utrecht on the water

If you prefer guided tours, there are the walking tours and the canal boat tours. Or, you can rent a canoe between the beginning of April and the end of October. You can take a canoe tour of the water spots and sights on the night of the full moon, with breaks along the way for a trip to a pub for a Trappist beer. Explore the town on foot and by water, and make sure you see the nature around the fort at Rhijnauwen.


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