The Leiden Citadel


The Burcht van Leiden is a 20 metres high citadel in Leiden’s centre that served to defend the city. The construction of the hill is thought to have started as early as the 9th century with turf and clay. The citadel has walls that are six metres high and many embrasures. The citadel offered an excellent view of the city and its surroundings so that any approaching threats could be detected and a counter-attack mounted.

Today’s Burcht

These days the citadel is a much-loved attraction in Leiden’s inner city. The entry is free and many visitors consider it an exciting adventure to climb the old citadel. And the view from the top is still as impressive as it was in the past.

Luncheon at the Burcht

If you are strolling through the centre of Leiden, don’t forget to visit the Burcht. The impressive citadel offers a great view of the city and you can make some great pictures. At the foot of the citadel you will find a popular restaurant that serves luncheon and dinner with a view of the citadel.

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