Winter in Holland


Holland is the country of seasons and each season has its attractions. That includes winter with its lovely snowy or icy landscapes. Every year when the weather turns cold, many Dutch people get the ice skating bug. There is nothing better than a long ride on one of the many lakes or some ice skating on the canals before enjoying a cookie and hot chocolate.

Winter in the cities

There is plenty to do in the cities as well. The big cities offer many (Christmas) shopping opportunities. There are often lovely skating rinks where you can rent ice skates and end the afternoon in a cosy pub with a cup of hot chocolate or a ‘kruidenbitter’, a typically Dutch liquor.

Winter food

And last but not least, Holland is known for its many typical winter dishes. These range from vegetable mash with kale, carrot and onion or sauerkraut to pea soup with smoked sausage. There are many attractions in Holland in winter and if it gets too cold or too dark, there are countless eateries and pleasant places to discover.

  • Hutspot

    Try our hutspot: an extremely popular evening meal during the cold winter days.

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  • Split pea soup

    The Dutch love soup in all flavors, shapes and sizes. Erwtensoep might just be the all-time favorite.

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  • Andijviestamppot

    A ‘stamppot’ is a pan full of mashed potatoes and vegetables. The Dutch love it and you will probably too.

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10x winter in Holland

Holland has plenty of activities and entertainment to offer during winter as well.

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