Amsterdam Pub Tour


Pubs are often famous or infamous places. This is where big plans are conceived, political differences resolved and literary creations born. Amsterdam has dozens of legendary pubs and cafés. If you feel like a brisk walk with countless reasons to stop a drink and snack, this pub tour is perfect for you.

Literary café

Café Eylders on the Leidseplein is a good place to start. Many heroes in the resistance came here during WWII and even today you will find literary celebrities here. From here, stroll on to café De Pels on the Huidenstraat, a great old-fashioned Amsterdam pub that is famous for the many journalists that came here through the years.

Monkey business

The next stop is café Hoppe on the Spui, which has not changed much since 1670. You will still find ‘seated Hoppe’ on one side and ‘standing Hoppe’ on the other. 'in het Aepjen' on the Zeedijk is a good place to end your tour.

Located in one of the oldest buildings in Amsterdam, this pub got its name because the sailors who used to come here paid for their drinks with monkeys (‘aepjes’), which they brought with them from overseas. The monkeys often had loads of fleas (which they then transferred to the guests) and this led to a famous Dutch saying: ‘in de aap gelogeerd zijn’ which literally translated means ‘lodging in the monkey’ or getting into a difficult situation.

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