Bimhuis Amsterdam


For the last three decades the Bimhuis has been a venue for improvised music and jazz. The Bimhuis attracts both famous Dutch musicians and international artist. Today, the Bimhuis organizes over 300 concerts each year which presents an overview of Dutch and international jazz and improvised music.

The House of Jazz 

In 1974 Bimhuis opened its doors in Amsterdam. In those progressive days traditions went out of the window and new initiatives were welcomed. Bimhuis became the most important jazz club and remained to be the fulcrum for new jazz-related music till this day. In 2005 Bimhuis moved to Music Building ‘t IJ.

Jazz in Amsterdam

When you go to a concert in Bimhuis, you can enjoy an affordable meal in the restaurant prior to the concert and a drink in the café afterwards.

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