Boom Chicago


If you like theatre improvisation and inspired, humorous sketches, a night at Boom Chicago is a wonderful idea. Social, political and social topics are all discussed with a razor-sharp sense of timing and comedy. Boom Chicago has been a much loved venue for tourists as well as locals for over twenty years now.

International comedy...

The Boom Chicago theatre, which moved to a new location on Rozengracht in 2013, is a great place for a night out. You can enjoy tasty snacks, excellent cocktails and live comedy shows with a fast-paced mix of sharp sketches, improvisations, video and music.

English is spoken

The international company, which was founded by three Americans from – guess where? – Chicago, now welcomes comedians from around the world. The English spoken shows attract a broad audience and often relate to topics such as ‘living in Amsterdam’ and funny cultural differences. Boom Chicago can be found on Rozengracht 117 in the bustling centre of Amsterdam.