Miffy at the Dick Bruna House


The Dick Bruna Huis (Dick Bruna House) is a museum in Utrecht that is completely dedicated to Dick Bruna and his creation Miffy. The stories about the little rabbit have been translated into 40 languages and over 85 million copies of the books have been sold worldwide.

Miffy: Icon, Character and Brand

On the one hand, the Dick Bruna House focuses Miffy as an icon, a children’s character and fashion brand. But it also tells the story of Dick Bruna, whose easily recognized work is known as being as simple and direct. Dick Bruna has already designed 120 picture books and thousands of book covers, posters, post cards and prints.

Everyone loves Miffy

Both children and adults love Miffy. Combine a visit to the Dick Bruna House with a stop at Centraal Museum Utrecht across the street. This way you’ll meet Dick Bruna, Rietveld and many other great designers and artists that lived in Utrecht.

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