King’s Day: the best places in Amsterdam


King’s Day in Amsterdam - it's a huge street party associated with countless events each year. Naturally there is a flea market throughout the city, which means that anyone and everyone is allowed to offer his or her old things in the street. There are also plenty of performances, processions and street parties. The question is, where should you go?

For the children

The Vondelpark is the best place for children. They conceive the most original acts and performances to entertain passers-by and make some pocket money. The canals also offer a lot of entertainment. With countless boats, usually filled to the brim with music and dancing people, sailing by for a huge spectacle.

Street parties

The Jordaan and Wallen districts and the Nieuwmarkt and other big squares are the best place for big street parties. Locals and cafés have music and drinks in the street, so you can walk from one street party to the next. If you are planning to visit Amsterdam, we definitely advise the period around 27 April. Do make sure to book your hotel well in advance.

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