Cafés and terraces in Utrecht


After an afternoon of strolling through the lovely city centre of Utrecht, we think you might enjoy a rest on a sunny terrace or a drink in a cosy café. And you’ve come to the right place. As a student town, Utrecht has plenty of welcoming bars and terraces. We have selected a few convivial addresses for you so you won’t have to waste any time choosing...

Winkel van Sinkel (Oudegracht 158): A beautiful grand café that also organises a wide range of cultural activities.

Ledig Erf (Tolsteegbrug 3 BIS): A special café in an historic district of Utrecht. They also run a terrace with a wonderful view and serve a huge collection of specialty beers.

Olivier (Achter Clarenburg 6A): Belgian beer pub located in a beautiful old church. A special atmosphere and of course countless beers as well as a home brew.

't Hoogt (Hoogt 4): Situated in beautiful monumental buildings, this establishment offers culture vultures the ideal opportunity to combine ‘a night on the town’ with a drink or two.

Le Journal (Neude 32): For more than 70 years, the place to visit on the Neude, the most bustling square in Utrecht.

De Nobelstraat: This buzzing street is home to a host of cafés that cater mainly to a younger student audience.

Stadskasteel Oudean (Oudegracht 99): Wonderful castle in the city centre that runs its own brewery. So as well as enjoying a beer here, you can watch it being brewed as well.

Wijncafé Lefebvre (Neude 2): A cross between a modern café and an old-fashioned tasting room. Serves beautiful wines and great tapas.


Wijnlokaal Aal (Oudegracht 159D): This terrace on the Oudegracht is one of the best places to enjoy a drink and wine selected by Aal.

Chez Willy (Oudegracht 73 a/d werf): Established in a beautiful old canal cellar, Chez Willy boasts a lovely terrace. Watch the boats sail by while you enjoy a delicious dinner or a glass of good wine.

Fort aan de Klop (1e Polderweg 4): This nineteenth-century military fortress, built in a beautiful location away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, has been converted to a ‘brasserie’ with a truly beautiful terrace. Definitely worth the detour!

Den Draeck (Oudegracht a/d werf 114-122): Located along the Oudegracht in the centre of Utrecht, café Den Draeck takes you back to medieval times. Enjoy a moment of bliss on a terrace by the water.

Balije Park (Augustusweg 32): This terrace is located just outside town (in the Meern) and run by Restaurant Balije Park. It has been voted the best terrace in the area!

Domplein: Relax while enjoying a glass of your preferred beverage on one of the terraces beneath the protective walls of the Dom Tower.

Janskerkhof: Several cafés with cosy terraces can be found around the beautiful Jans Church. Definitely worth a visit.

De Neude: This wonderful square is hard to miss when you are visiting Utrecht. This is a good place to relax with a cup of coffee or a drink whilst enjoying the wonderful surroundings.

Please contact the local tourist (VVV) office for more information on any of the addresses listed above. You could also ask a resident of Utrecht for local tips. He or she will probably be able to enlighten you as well.

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