Queen’s Day will be King’s Day!


On April 30, 2013 Holland will welcome its first male monarch since 1890: King Willem-Alexander! The succession will have many consequences, of course. One of them is that what might be the best day of the year in Holland, Queen’s Day, will have a new name, a new date and, this year, a new significance as well.

April 27, Willem-Alexander’s birthday

The Dutch have been celebrating Queen’s Day on 30 April, which is the birthday of our previous Queen Juliana, since 1949. On her investiture Queen Beatrix decided to retain the date in honour of her mother and because her own birthday on 31 January was unsuitable for the traditional outdoor festivities. Starting next year we will be celebrating King’s Day on 27 April, Willem-Alexander’s birthday.

Queen’s Day 2013: Investiture

The Queen’s Day plans for this year are all being changed since the new monarch’s investiture will occur on April 30, 2013. All of the activities scheduled for Queen’s Day 2013 will be postponed until 2014. The first King’s Day will be celebrated on April 26 since April 27 is a Sunday. We are all certain that it will remain a day filled with festivities of and for the people!