Nieuw Land Erfgoedmuseum


On January 1st 1986 the brand-new twelfth province Flevoland was officially added to the country of Holland. This new region was the result of thirty years of land reclamation of the Zuiderzee. The Nieuw Land Erfgoedmuseum (New Land Heritage Center) tells the story of the reclamation of the Zuiderzee and the pioneers that came to live here.

The Youngest Province

Your journey through the history of Flevoland leads you from the very first inhabitants from the New Stone Age to the fishermen, island inhabitants, polder workers and pioneers of the new land in the 20th century. The youngest province of Holland is presented by the Nieuw Land Erfgoedmuseum with pictures, land reclamation tools and a 'water theatre', where kids can reclaim a bit of sea for themselves.

Museum of Lelystad

The creation of the province Flevoland is the most extensive land reclamation project in history. The first people to set roots here were true pioneers. Their fascinating history and that of the new land are told at the Nieuw Land Erfgoedmuseum in Lelystad.

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