LAC Studios, Inner Circle

LAC Studios


Light up your event at Lac Studios! The former Philips Lighting showroom has been transformed into three unique meeting spaces that will leave your attendees enlightened. 

  • Three unique, multipurpose event spaces
  • In the heart of Eindhoven’s city centre
  • Parking & public transport in close vicinity

Light up your event

LAC is the former Philips Lighting showroom, where the company showcased its latest innovation in the field of lighting. Nowadays LAC Studios offers three unique and creative meeting spaces, where history meets future: Inner Circle, Industrial Garden and Hotel du Lac.

LAC Studios is located in the heart of Eindhoven’s city centre. The location offers parking for up to 300 cars and Eindhoven’s Central Station is a mere 5-minute walk away.

Inner Circle

As soon as you walk into the Inner Circle you feel like you are on another planet. The space offers capacity for up to 125 attendees and has a unique 360 degrees screen to display your presentation.

Industrial Garden

The Industrial Garden offers the largest meeting space at LAC studios. The multipurpose, 2-storey industrial hall can host up to 500 people and is suitable for any type of event.

Hotel du Lac

Hotel du Lac is not actually a hotel where you can spend the night. In this space Philips used to test various types of lighting for the hospitality industry by trying to imitate reality as well as possible. Hotel du Lac is the perfect location for post-meeting or pre-dinner drinks. The space can host up to 125 people and includes a bar.

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