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Theatre Hangar Katwijk

Add some drama to your next meeting! In the Dutch coastal city of Katwijk, a hangar on the former marine airbase Valkenburg has been transformed into a unique theatre and event space with a 360-degree stage.

  • Unique location on former military airbase Valkenburg.
  • 360-degree stage guarantees a memorable experience.
  • 30 minutes from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and The Hague.

A head turning meeting experience

The Theatre Hangar is without a doubt one of the most unique event locations in The Netherlands. It is home to one of the most cherished and best-visited Dutch musical experiences (Soldaat van Oranje), but can also be used for large-scale events. The hangar is part of the former military airbase Valkenburg in Katwijk, which is conveniently located between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the city of The Hague. Both are just a mere 30-minute ride away.

Leiden and Noordwijk can be reached within 10 minutes.

The theatre itself can accommodate up to 1.100 seated guests who will be mesmerized by the 360-degree turning stage. Plenary or product presentations are guaranteed to turn heads and become memorable experiences.

Let’s meet on the runway!

In addition, the theatre’s multi purpose foyer offers plenty of space to be used as reception area, for product presentations or for brainstorm and break-out sessions, just to name a few.

Restaurant Noordeinde, which is located within the premises, offers seating for up to 140 guests, but can also be transformed into and incorporated as event space. Next to culinary highlights the restaurant offers stunning and wide views of the airbase and it’s surroundings.

If weather permits, events can be held outside on the airbase terrain – including the runway – as well.

Hangar 2 – even more space for your event

And if additional space is needed there is another multi purpose hangar (Hangar 2) in close vicinity, which can accommodate up to 3500 additional guests. Hangar 2 is fully equipped to host any kind of event and offers a modern interior with industrial charm. Please note: The Theatre Hangar is only available for events on Mondays. Hangar 2 can be booked every day of the week.

For more information, please visit the Theatre Hangar’s website.

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