De Pollepleats -
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Hidden Secrets

De Pollepleats

Tucked away amid the Frisian lakes is this unique venue, De Pollepleats in Westhem. Completely renovated in 2012, this former farmhouse offers spectacular and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and Reidmar lake.

The spacious boardroom of De Pollepleats, situated under a beamed roof, accommodates approximately 20. This cosy room with private lounge affords views of the countryside and Aldegeaster Brekken, the land ‘broken by water’. De Pollepleats is perfect for exclusive and private meetings. You will rarely experience a venue as inspirational as these vast Frisian lakes.

When people work hard and put in real effort, it is essential to treat the mind and body well. De Pollepleats offers deluxe catering, ranging from lunch to healthy amuses and exclusive dinners. The well-equipped kitchen may also be used for a cooking workshop for your delegates. De Pollepleats has seventeen spacious and luxurious guest rooms for up to 60 guests. The stunning panoramic views are second to none.

Space and tranquillity are guaranteed and the surroundings offer ample opportunities for a bracing walk, a tour of the lakes by sailing boat, or an environmentally-friendly, electric whisper boat. Enjoy a picnic for lunch. Sports-minded groups may delight in the traditional Frisian sport of 'fierljeppen' (ditch jumping). We will arrange it for you.

De Pollepleats is a hidden Frisian gem, a peaceful and isolated venue, away from the 'civilized’ world, where your team is set to develop the future!

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