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Photo: © Rijkswaterstaat

Why meet in the Netherlands

The Netherlands may be small in size, but that also makes it a very compact country, offering more possibilities per square kilometre than you can find anywhere else in the world! But there are more reasons why The Netherlands is such a fantastic destination for your next event. Here are the top 7:

1. Accessibility 

Whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile, our central European location makes it accessible from everywhere. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol offers excellent connections for local, regional and international airports. Our compact country makes it easy to get around including a convenient train network and a well organized public transportation system providing you with many travel options (including a fun bike or boat ride!).  

2. Infrastructure

With our prosperous, open economy, the Dutch are well known for international relations and have a long tradition of hosting and managing travel for meetings and conventions. A wide range of venues, facilities, restaurants and hotels can help to creatively and efficiently organize any type of meeting or event.  

3. Sustainable

We are committed to implementing and managing green policies for all aspects of meeting planning and execution. Through green certifications, hotel and meeting venues are actively creating and sharing eco-friendly policies to help the environment and align with today’s needs.  

4. Innovative

Dutch creativity is built on a rich history. Today, leading edge innovation can be seen in many forms, from architecture to digital design, fashion to furniture and water projects to the environment. Our diverse culture drives a motivation to discover new solutions through inventive thinking, original design and bold modern ideas.  

5. Open & Inclusive society

We are committed to promoting quality of life and this is represented in the professional and hospitable nature you will find throughout the country. A welcoming and responsive network steeped in diversity, multi-languages and an open-minded approach are invaluable assets to help you with creating the perfect meeting or event. 

6. Globalization

As an international leader in several key industries, a collaborative approach between business and government, allows the Netherlands to consistently contribute inventive solutions to global challenges. With a highly skilled workforce, vibrant business enterprises and advanced innovation capabilities, the Netherlands has been recognized as the most competitive economy in Europe.  

7. Culture & Entertainment

The profound heritage of the Dutch offers much more to discover beyond the beautiful tulip fields, enchanting canals, resourceful windmills, Dutch Masters and tasty cheese. We also have the largest number of museums per square kilometer in the world, fashion and design centers as well as opera, dance and theatre. There truly is something for everyone in this ever evolving and always on the move contemporary society.