Add a major event to your meeting -

Add a major event to your meeting

Have you ever considered planning your event alongside a large public event? If, for instance, you have to plan a meeting on architecture, wouldn’t it be a great added benefit if there is an architectural happening in the city of your choice? This will make it even more appealing for your prospective delegates to attend.

You ensure a double or even triple win

- Support participant recruitment
- Relevant and interesting addition to the meeting programme
- Potential extra income

We had a perfect example in Holland last year in the Floriade World Horticultural Expo. This major event is organised only once in a decade from April to October and draws over 2 million visitors, from all over the world. CNN called it one of the World's Top Destinations for 2012. This expo was the perfect setting for all kinds of organisations that have a connection with flowers, fruits and vegetables, and sustainability. The Floriade hosted conventions such as 'Growing Green Cities, A Call To Action', the 11th ‘International People Plant Symposium’, and the General Assembly of Fruit and Vegetables Trade Association Frugi Venta. Many corporations, including Rabobank, seized the opportunity to organise internal meetings at the event and offer clients a unique incentive and great experience.

If you know your target audience well, you can search for those destinations and events that will add value to your meeting or your participants. Once you find it, please consider these suggestions:

  • Include a visit to the event in your programme, as it creates relevance and hands-on interaction
  • Make the event an excursion or partner programme, which makes it attractive for partners to come along
  • Offer a visit to the event as a pre/post programme, which makes attending your event more attractive and can generate additional revenue
  • Promote the event, in order that it can be an additional reason for your participants to extend their stay. It could even be the deciding factor for someone to register for your event.

2013 is jam-packed with great events in Holland. These may be exactly what you are looking for. Some suggestions:

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