Erwin Steijlen -

Erwin Steijlen

Erwin Steijlen is an Award winning Composer and Music Advisor for Brands and Media. With his unique "Music First" method he works for Global brands like BMW, VW LG, Verizon, Bentley, Nike and Delta Airlines. He's an expert on the Power of Music and totally believes that every company should have its own sound.

Erwin is also the founder of "Totally Tuned", an innovative platform for E-learning and a company that that connects musical creativity to the international business world. Erwin: "I started playing guitar at the age of 11 when I heard Brian May of Queen play. This inspired me so much, I soon became convinced that music would be my goal in life.

As a songwriter an pro guitar player I then toured for years with many bands and artists, had several record deals and did a lot of studio gigs. In 2001 Erwin got the chance to write music for Cirque du Soleil and this was the start of his composing career.

His talent for making epic music got a real push writing for companies like VW and BMW when he got to compose their product launches worldwide for many years. He learned a lot about the Power of Music and about connecting that power to business, companies and brands.

Together with Erwin we would like to challenge you to co-create and compose a tailor made sound for your association and/or conference.

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