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Paradijslaan 2-8
5611KN Eindhoven
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Kazerne is situated in one of the first military police stations of the Netherlands (1825) and the adjoining industrial warehouse used by the municiple cleaning services (1925). The 2.500 square meter complex is being transformed into an extraordinaire combination of meeting, exhibition and hospitality.

  • Unique event and design location
  • Exhibitions on display
  • Located in the city centre of Eindhoven
  • Capacity: 400 guests

Meet between design

Looking for a special location? With a story and a mission? Festive or businesslike? In the heart of Eindhoven, but away from the crowds?

Kazerne offers several modern meeting and event spaces in an inspiring, atmospheric setting. The 3 meeting rooms, 2 restaurants and 2 of our loft-suites can be booked per half-day. From 2 up to 400 people, including coffee, lunch, drinks, bites and / or private dinner, a Kazerne tour, (design) workshop or inspiration session. All this surrounded by the exhibited works.

Food for thought

The team at Kazerne understand the importance of a good espresso, a refreshing drink or a delicious lunch at the right time, to boost the energy level of a meeting or event. From no-nonsense catering in the meeting room, savory snacks, festive pastries to a high-end seated dinner, they have a wide range of possibilities and a creative chef who likes to think along. What always applies: we create it together, and the staff arranges it. Always up to Kazerne standards and tastefully presented.


Kazerne is a creative meeting place for design professionals as well as lovers of art and design, technology and gastronomy. Unknown to the world of design? Then their mission is successful if after your visit – with your own agenda – you are enthusiastic about what design can do.

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