Mr. Holland celebrates Queen's day -

Mr. Holland celebrates Queen's day

This month will become very special in Holland's national History. We are eagerly anticipating Koniginnedag (Queen's Day). Queen's Day is a Dutch holiday which has been held in April for over 100 years to celebrate our Queen's birthday. This year is a very special edition of Queen's Day, because Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands abdicates her throne and her son Willem-Alexander will become King of The Netherlands.

May we ask you a favour? Join in!

Mr Holland is planning to join the celebrations, but he cannot decide on a proper orange outfit for it. Would you help getting him dressed for Queen's Day?

During the next weeks he will show you different orange gadgets on his Facebook page and he will ask you to choose between them. Those gadgets with the most votes will assemble his Queen's Day costume.

Furthermore he will keep you up to date with all news about the festivities and our Royal Family. And of course you may expect a live-report from the coronation of Willem-Alexander and Queen's Day itself.

Will you join Mr. Holland online in this?


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