Holland has a special twist for meetings and conferences

If Holland were a man, he would take you to the worldfamous tulip fields. Standing there next to you, he would say: ‘This is how I feel about your work, about organising meetings. Look at those straights lines. That is exactly what Holland stands for. It’s organised, yet colourful. Straightforward, but friendly. This is where functionality and fun meet.’ 

Meeting, Planning, Timing, Service, Partner

Believe it or not, all these words are part of the Dutch language. In fact, most Dutch can speak and understand at least one foreign language. English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, pas de problème.

Did you know...

We, the Dutch, built our own country? Bit by bit and step by step we pushed back the sea and weathered the storms. You can trust your meetings and conferences to people whose natural habit it is to be pragmatic, creative and enterprising...

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