Room Mate opens first hotel in Holland -

Room Mate opens first hotel in Holland

An evening of drinks with friends resulted in the conception of a new hotel chain which embodies everything the creators would like to see in a hotel. The Spanish design hotel group Room Mate opened the doors of its very first hotel in Holland just this summer. Right in the center of Amsterdam, on IJdok, an artificial island, and next to the Court of Appeals, lies the Room Mate Aitana. The 13-story building has 285 rooms.
In addition to bright, spacious rooms and suites, Room Mate Aitana offers seven meeting rooms, various lounge bars, a restaurant and gym. In line with Spanish customs and hospitality, guests can enjoy breakfast all morning. The hotel features free Wi-Fi everywhere.

Special feature is the marina with 60 berths at the jetty deck. The cooperation between the Dutch architect Jan Bakers and Spanish interior designer Tomas Alia resulted in a very distinctive and contemporary design, that makes you feel as if you are visiting a friend’s home.

Room Mate Hotels was founded in 2001 by the flamboyant Olympic equestrian Kike Sarasola. A night of drinking with two friends led to the conclusion that there were actually no special hotels in Madrid, they were all very uniform. Philosophizing about what the hotel that they would like to stay in would look like, the foundation was laid for the first hotel, Room Mate Mario in Madrid. This was soon followed by hotels in New York, Buenos Aires, Miami, Mexico, Granada, Florence, Barcelona, Malaga, Salamanca and Oviedo and now Amsterdam. All hotels are located in the city center and have their own name, own personality and own design. The hotels are designed to break with the standardization and massiveness that you find in many other hotels.

Another special feature is the personification of the hotel. It feels like Aitana personally invites you to visit and discover the city, at the same time confirming that you will want for nothing during your stay with Aitana.

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